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Hi, I'm Vic.

I started on my journey with dementia with my mother Alice. After years of research, I found a limited supply of information on how to deal with this issue on a daily basis.

I knew I had share my knowledge of this disease from my experience with my mother and numerous discussions with medical experts and caregivers both nationally and internationally.

If you have questions about the journey in front of you, I know what it's like, please reach out to me and I'll help.


Vic Mazmanian
Founder & CEO

What I Do

I am an Alzheimer’s /dementia caregiver advocate as well as a professional speaker and motivator. My journey started 17 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's/dementia. I was her caregiver from the first moment I knew of her disease and made it my mission to give her the best possible life from beginning to end. Since then I have walked with numerous families as they start their loved one's journey with Alzheimer’s / dementia and have continued to do so for over 14 years.


It's best to think of me as a guide who can help you navigate this path in life as I help you avoid the potholes and obstacles that you could face. Think of it this way: Would you try and fly a plane without an experienced pilot? No! Then why would you try and navigate the journey of Alzheimer’s without a knowledgeable and experienced guide?


I have been speaking nationally & internationally to audiences of caregivers with amazing results. I have been on radio shows and television talk shows giving insight and advice for years. I have been a keynote speaker at many large churches, synagogues, and mosques as I carried a universal message: You can’t do this without God! I am also an experienced mediator who can mediate many family disagreements on how care should be given. I can guide you to the right places that will give you the best care for your loved one.


Give me a call and don’t be a statistic. 64 % of caregivers who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s / dementia either die or are hospitalized before the person they're overseeing. A good plan can help you find the best possible solutions.

Thank you and God bless, Vic

Partners with Mind Heart Soul Consulting

  • Saddleback Church Lake Forest California (32 years)

  • Alzheimer’s Orange county Volunteer (15 years)

  • Catholic Diocese of Oakland California (10 years)

  • Catholic Diocese of San Francisco California (10 years)

  • Catholic Diocese of Orange California ( 10 years)

  • Lakewood Church Houston Texas 9 (10 Years)

  • Mariners Church Newport Beach California (10 years)

  • Jewish Federation & Family Services Orange County (7 years)

  • St Joesph Health Mission Hospital (10 years)

  • Oasis Senior center Newport Beach California (11 years)

  • Prestonwood Baptist Church Dallas Texas (10 years)

Let's talk.

Phone Number: 949-310-6682   /    Email:   

Thanks for reaching out!

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